Boy picks trash to repay stolen sum

A nine-year-old boy began to pick trash to exchange for money during the National Day Golden Week holiday to pay back the 2,000 yuan ($290) he had stolen from his grandmother, the Kankan News reported.
The boy, named Hanghang, from Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality spent 2,000 yuan on in-app purchase of a mobile game. He secretly used her grandmother’s WeChat Pay to pay for the purchase, Global Times reported.
He collected recyclable trash like carton for more than two weeks to earn money to pay back his grandmother.
“I’m really tired, but I will keep doing the work until I have returned the money. It may take me one year,” he said.
“Until then, I won’t spend anything on entertainment activities,” he said.
“I won’t make such mistakes again.”
Hanghang went to neighbors’ houses to collect carton with his mother’s help. They then carried the carton together to sell, according to the Kankan News.