Fiancé dumped over bad driving

A Chinese woman has received lots of support on social media for dumping her fiancé after learning he had racked up over a dozen traffic tickets this year.
Her story went viral after her fiancé posted about the breakup on WeChat, in which he said the woman left him after discovering a record of 15 citations in his smartphone, according to  
While the fined fiancé argued the tickets were no big deal, they were a deal breaker for his would-be wife.
According to reports, her decision stemmed from a family friend who was left disabled by a traffic accident years ago.
Screenshots of their conversations show she also felt his reckless driving foreshadows further trouble for them down the road.
With wedding plans made and reception halls already booked, the man took to social media to seek out advice on winning back his fiancée’s heart — only to find most people supported her decision.
“Your girlfriend loves you but she loves her life more. Since she failed to convince you, she has to escape from you,” a commenter wrote.