Leader urges Iranian students’ efforts to eliminate reliance on ‘aliens’

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei called on Iranian students to make efforts to boost the country’s self-sufficiency in various areas and eliminate any reliance on “aliens.”
“We all know that you are among the best (sources of) hope for the future of the country,” Ayatollah Khamenei said in a message to the 53rd annual meeting of the Union of Islamic Students Associations in Europe, which opened in Hamburg, Germany, on Saturday, Tasnim News Agency reported.
“What everyone should know is that, with the blessing of God, a large number of yesterday’s students are now involved in great works in the country….,” the message read.
“Our students today, anywhere in the world, will have the opportunity to join these faithful and devoted groups and fully eliminate the country’s need for (help from) aliens,” the Leader added.