China: Beijing-Tehran economic ties growing

China and Iran are great economic partners and the two nations enjoy growing and sustainable economic relations, the spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said on Saturday.
The two countries remain to be important trade partners and based on the figures relations between Beijing and Tehran are satisfactory, Gao Feng told IRNA.
China-Iran economic cooperation is on a positive path, and the two nations are expected to witness growing cooperation, Feng said.
Beijing attaches great importance to its ties with Iran and will continue its legitimate and regular economic cooperation with the country despite US sanctions, he said.
Two months after the US unilateral withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal in May 2018, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said China and Iran are friendly countries to each other.
We maintain normal exchanges and cooperation on the basis of conforming to our obligations under international law, in fields of economy, trade and energy. This is beyond reproach, it stressed.
About bilateral relations in other areas, Feng said China and Iran have also great cooperation in the New Silk Road known as “One Belt, One Road” project.